Who We Are


UCW is a student-led, Christ-centered family committed to pursuing Christ. We focus on fostering unity in the Body by promoting discipleship and living in community with love and grace, making Christ known in both word and deed. This is our vision:

WE ENVISION our church as a winsome, healthy, growing community of Christ followers. We know, love and passionately pursue Jesus and are experiencing his presence and power in everyday life. We love and care for one another demonstrating sacrificial love, service and concern.

WE ARE good citizens of Yale and New Haven, contributing to campus life and the city and meaningfully connecting to students, faculty, and staff. We are the kind of people others like to be around.

WE ARE growing strong and confident in our faith and learning to articulate and demonstrate it with gentle strength. We spend daily time with Jesus, reading the bible and pausing in reflection and prayer and are teaching others to do the same. We know how to understand the Bible and apply it to life.

WE ARE connected to the broader Body of Christ. We are reading the Bible with others, leading others to Christ and taking initiative to help them become rooted, accountable, and strong in faith. We know and experience the gospel and its power to transform. Members of UCW go on to be disciples and disciple others in whatever walk of life they pursue.